Why Hire a REALTOR® To Buy Your Home with Confidence

Buying a perfect home is more than just a transaction — it’s about finding a place that you can call your own, where you can snuggle and unwind after a long day. The home-buying process in Arizona is not as simple as it looks, but when you leverage the experience and acquaintance of a licensed realtor, the tables will turn. Welcome to Homes by Kammy; I am your trusted real estate partner and will stand by you from start to finish throughout the home-buying process.

Our Unique Home Selling Strategies Sets Us Apart, They Are:

Tips For Property Buyers

As previously indicated, purchasing a property is not straightforward; it entails a comprehensive process, from engaging real estate professionals to discerning your home-buying requirements, evaluating your budget for the selected property, and beyond. Here are some guaranteed tips for prospective buyers like yourself in the realm of real estate  buying houses in Phoenix, AZ.


They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and finding a reliable REALTOR® who understands your needs and preferences in real estate purchase in Phoenix, AZ, is a single step that will help you move forward in your home-finding journey. Professionals will not only guide you through the home-buying process but also help you find the perfect home.

Make a list of Your Wants and Needs

Determine your non-negotiable needs and your desired wants in a home; this is, again, a paramount step you should pay attention to. Differentiate between the two to streamline your search and prioritize accordingly.

Shop for a Mortgage Lender

Seek referrals from your REALTOR®, friends, and family for reputable mortgage lenders. Compare loan fees and terms to find the best fit for your financial situation.

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Are you unable to decide between buying a resale or a brand-new home? Stop by Homes by Kammy; we will be happy to hear from you and guide you every step of the way. Whether you wish to buy a RESALE HOME, SHORT SALE, BANK OWNED HOME, or NEW HOME, we are here to make your home-buying experience completely hassle-free. Contact us today. Rest assured, as a real estate license in Phoenix, AZ, we’re fully equipped to assist you with all your real estate needs.